A Diamond Dozen: Study of Bowie's Lifetime of Style

Bowie was one of my first celebrity crushes as a younger girl. His mystical nonchalance, the crystal ball juggling, and fabulous eye makeup with bold costuming as Jareth the Goblin King had me captivated. In my preteen years, I was glued to MTV as a crazed Trent Reznor chased him down to the heavy industrial sound of I'm Afraid of Americans. Earthling was the third CD I'd ever bought for myself. In my teen years, I started exploring his older works, which became the soundtrack to my high school daze. As I grew older and watched his continued creation, the full breadth and influence of this man as an artist, a musician, an actor, and a style icon became more and more apparent. As a style icon, his daringness to be so "out there" made me feel comfortable to be myself, when the whole world seemed pitted against individual expression. As an actor, he kept me captivated and entertained. As a musician, he created music that spoke to a range of my emotions throughout my life. As an artist, he inspired (and continues to inspire) me to keep on creating until my last breath on this planet. I did this watercolor study as a celebration of his many incarnations throughout 50 years of his career, a commemoration to his evolution of style and performance, and a tribute to the inspiration of his artistry.

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