On Jan 10th the world changed, it really did & not just for us Bowie fans, people from all walks of life, country, colour, religion & planet stopped in their tracks.......

I was about 13 & just getting into my music, despite the bad hair cut, freckles & buck teeth! my school friends were playing ACDC ABBA Bay city rollers etc but I was taken with Bolan Sweet & then I spotted Bowie with Space Oddity, that was it, I was hooked. Going into catering college my passion only grew, so much so I saw him for the first time in concert - Serious Moonlight, it was amazing. I'm now 49 & all through my years David & his music has kept me transfixed. My family at times I think, thought it was funny, odd maybe but they understood, or so they thought! You see its not just been his music but, as a person I've admired his spirit for trying different things without being afraid, his enthusiasm for new technology, his passion for art & as a business man to. He always looked into the future but at the same time caring for others (so many lovely stories have come out) he was such a special man loved by many.

With all the newspapers & magazines etc coming out to celebrate his life my family have had a bigger opportunity to read about him without my input! Several have said that they now understand what I saw, they have a new admiration for David & I'm not the only one playing his music! :)

So, David will continue to open people's eyes, inspire them as he has me, bring them together and I cannot think of anyone in my lifetime that so many around the world have paid homage to. What a man!

I just want to say thank you, because I have been so inspired by David I was brave enough to change career back in 2004 & pursued & now work as a full time glass artist. In those years I got to meet him, and brought me close to some of his fans & community. Special times!

Iman, you must miss him greatly but remember him as he would want you to. You could clearly see he absolutely adored you. remind me of your Dad somewhat with your drive & passion & wicked sense of humour :) Good luck with the baby, your Dad will watch over you all. nephew lost his Dad not long ago at the same age you lost yours, but remember as long as you keep them in your heart he WILL be with you forever.

My last part to this long story & there's several I could choose from is the day I spoke to David on the radio. It was with Chris Tarrant, my daughter was running round the room like a scalded cat in excitment....I worked as a chef back then and when I told my boss I was late due to talking on the phone with David Bowie! ....he said it was the best excuse he had ever had but believed me :) it was true!

The stars look very different today but they will continue to shine over us all, and if you see them twinkle it may just be a starman reminding us he's there.

Love to all
Deborah X

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