My dad was playing ziggy Aladdin sane and hunky dory records way before I was born (I was born 1978) so I was surrounded with the star man's music before I was even awear! by the time I was 5 I loved his music and have ever since! he was such a intelligent talented amazing graceful beautiful soul who not only made his mark , broke rules , made his own rules pushed boundaries and made history like no other but spoke to people through many different levels. .... the day that he passed I was shocked. ... so sad it's actually surprised me how much so..... i cant imagine how you feel.... but through the sadness and pain comes light your David will live on for generations to come.... my children love him and watch him and ask questions about him... and just like I did they sing his songs my daughter is only 3 and knows most of the words she knows labyrinth inside out! so if the next generation are starting to learn all about the legendary Mr David Bowie then I am sure their children will too! no one comes close to this star man who fell to earth for a while to share his knowledge and beauty. .... forever in our hearts shine bright forever xxxx

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