Soundtrack to our life

It started for me when my elder brother took me to see David at Salisbury 14th June 1973. I was totally hooked and as a 14 year old felt a strong affinity to him, he showed us that you could be different and take risks to be whoever or whatever you wanted to be. I met my wife through our love of David Bowie in 1974 and he has been the soundtrack to our entire life together. We have traveled thousands of miles to see him every time he toured since then with the final concert in 2004. We have made many friends along the way and are part of the wonderful Bowienetters group. We were in Berlin celebrating the release of Blackstar and Davids birthday the weekend that we lost him, a mix of extreme high and the extreme low.
He was always our guide and will be sadly missed , a huge part of our lives now gone although the legacy he has left behind will never be surpassed.

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