I was 10 years old, living I a little town called Ndola which is in Zambia, when my 13 year old brother returned from his English boarding school with records, all sorts of records. One stood out for me, it was Space Oddity, the album. By the time I was 13, I was an ardent fan. His voice soothes me and carried me through my teenage years, my trials and tribulations. My first gig, I was 16 and saw him at Wembley doing Station to Station, I was transported.
I followed him to gigs all over the place, I had a daughter (Lexie, who is 8 years older than Lexi) and a son, Elliot Ziggy, so I couldn't go to as many shows as I wanted (all of them) but seeing him live were the very best experiences of my life. He has made my life richer, I've read books I might not have otherwise read, visited countries, met people, all sorts of things other than the obvious rich layer of his music that has comforted me like a blanket that I've wrapped myself in. He is a hero who never let me down. I'm so proud to have been a lifelong fan. My children have grown up with him as part of their lives, he will live on through them and their children.
Iman, if you are reading this, I've always been so thrilled that you found each other. I first saw you in a Tia Maria advert and thought you were the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen, years later when you and David met, it seemed an obvious match. I'm so glad you brought him so much happiness. I cannot imagine your pain. His pride and love for Duncan and Lexi, does not need a comment from me, a lowly fan, I can only send my heartfelt commiserations, and know that you are loved and supported by us from every corner of the world.
I'm so lucky to have met him 4 times, one of those times he came out of his car to come and say hello to a handful of us. What a kind and humble man. A genius, a superstar, he remains my god. My best wishes, love and condolences to you all.
Natasha Zukas United Kingdom

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