my saviour

i first got into david bowie when i was 13 years old buddha of suburbia was the first video i saw and i was hooked from then i then bought he singles collection and a few other albums shortly after and listening to him after school really helped me as i was a daily punchbag because of my weight problem and the bullying got even worse when they all figured out i was gay they made me feel like killing myself and nearly had a nervous breakdown but it was only listening to david bowie that kept me going and it still does and when i woke up on the 11th of january and one of my facebook friends posted R.I.P david bowie i quickly looked at the trending saw that that it was true and just burst into tears right there and then i never knew he was ill til after i was and still am in shock and for two weeks after i cried every few minutes i still cry sometimes i know i never knew him personally or met him but felt like i did and grieved for him he had such a huge impact on my life and even now i cant watch the lazarus video without bursting into tears when he passed away it felt like a huge hole opened up in my heart and so because of the bullying at school and my abusive alcoholic father it was only david bowie that took me away from all that for a while it felt like i was in a better place and so for that i will be eternally grateful to david and his wonderful music i love him and miss him every day and will continue to do so i absolutely idolised him and always will he is my saviour i wish i could have told him how many times his music actually saved me it is pretty much on a daily basis so thank you david you will always be my idol and saviour . R.I.P starman

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