My David Bowie Story

Hello, this is a wonderful site for tributes and experiences. My brother brought home the Ziggy Stardust LP in 1972. I was just about to turn 16. He then brought home Hunky Dory the next week, and I was mesmerized . By 1974,I had hardly taken any photograph in my life up to that point, only about 12 or so using my mother's Instamatic with rotating flash bulbs. We scored tickets in 1974 to see David in June at Detroit's Cobo Arena. Here is my story I had had on Facebook for a few years:

David Bowie - Cobo Arena, June 23rd,1974 - Diamond Dogs Tour. I borrowed my Mom's Instamatic, and had front row seats. This concert is what hooked me on photography !!!

This was at Cobo Arena. June 23rd, 1974. This was my 9th concert that I had attended.There were about 6 or 8 of us and we had Tier B tickets. I was stoked. My Mom gave me her Instamatic to take to the show, as she knew how much I loved Bowie.

I started wandering around and walked onto the main floor, with no one asking me any questions at all. I walked right past the usher at the end of the 1st section and strolled right up to the front of the stage.

I was there for about 2 minutes looking around, and a guy to my left in the 1st row, was tapping the empty seat next to him and said, "Do you want to sit here"? I sat and asked if the seat was taken, and he told me that the seats were comp from a connection, his friend couldn't make it, and the seat was mine. The lights suddenly went out, he tapped my shoulder, slapped me five, and said "Welcome to the front row, enjoy the show". What a way to see my rock hero !!! And I had my Mom's Instamatic.

Fabulous show ... excellent seats, a wonderful memory !!!

I was fortunate to see David in concert over the years many times. I always thank this moment, as I became talented with a camera and have had much joy creating in my life. Glad to have contributed. Iman, may the memories of your days with David in your life give you comfort and happiness. Peace and Love to you !!! Dennis Roszkowski

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