The man who saved my life

Since I got the opportunity to I want to share my little story. It might not be special, but for me it changed my life. 3 years ago when I was 13 my best friend sent me the link to the trailer of "Christiane F.-Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo". Heroes was playing and I fell in love immediately. After watching the movie, the Christiane F. soundtrack was playing nonstop. I started looking for playlists on YouTube to discover new songs. My heart was taken over by David Bowie. In February 2014 I created a fan account on instagram, which allowed me to meet so many new people who were all like me. Just 3 months later my dad gave me his old record player. And now in 2016 I am proud to say that I own all studio albums and many Bootlegs. I spent all my pocket money on David. My room looks like a "Bowie museum". My biggest wish was to see him live and thank him for everything he has done for me-for saving my life. He showed me that being different is a good thing. When he died my heart was shattered into million pieces. The Saturday after he died I drove 9h to Berlin to visit his old flat there. It hit me so hard standing there again. I was there for the first time in summer 2014 after seeing the "Bowie is". This time I even managed to get inside the house. I made a little book with thank you notes from all over the world so everyone had the chance to say thank you. At this point I want to thank the friend who took the time to drive all the way to Berlin with me and all the people who tried to cheer me up. My heart is still in pain, but I know that you are in a better place now. I couldn't imagine a better idol and role model in my life. Thank you. I will love you forever and ever.
-Johanna P., 16 Austria

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