a life-changing EXPERIENCE

About three years ago, a friend of mine that I've met on the internet introduced me to David Bowie by showing me some of his classics such as "Let's Dance" and "Fashion" and I'm endlessly thankful for that because that's when I started to study him and his music and I became a major fanatic. Ever since then my life has completely changed. Without him I wouldn't have met so many great friends on social media who are also fans. They've become my best friends ever. Furthermore I've been bullied in school for 6 years because I was different than the others and I'm thankful for David showing me that being different is okay so I could accept myself. He himself was very different, he was unique, one of a kind, and that's what has turned him into a legend. David helps me to build self-confidence which I need to make my dream of becoming an actress come true one day. Last but not least, he taught me about real art and inspires me in so many ways. I'm forever grateful for him and I will always love him will all my heart.
- Vanessa T., 19, Germany

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