ALWAYs with me.

I don't have a great tale to tell, just an ordinary person, who found Bowie when I was about 9 years old. I am now nearly 40.. And man has it been a journey of discovery enjoying and finding music from this beautiful man.
My first memories would have been watching absolute beginners on the TV. My mum queried what I watching, I just said I didn't know but I really like it. I had no idea at the time, that was my first Bowie experience. It wasn't until years later when I re watched the video the memory of that moment came flooding back.
Like many others Bowie's music has been my constant during times of saddness, happiness and just because moments.
I truly believe that my life would never had been as rich and wonderful if I had not used Bowie's music to excite me, calm my spirit and help through the darkness.
The past five years have been the hardest I have had to face ( so far)..I have had to deal with the sudden death of my step dad, watch my mum become a shadow.of herself and look after 3 young children who have Special needs. It's been hard, but that's life. I just had to keep going. Sometimes I didn't know how I could.. But I always had a voice who understood what I was going through, always had someone to sing my heart out to when I needed to vent feelings of frustration. In turn the music healed my pain, and I was never far from a Bowie song.
I was so lucky to have seen the reality concert in 2003. I had just given birth to my daughter/she was 3weeks old. But I had to be there. I had to see him perform it was a life long dream. I am so pleased I did.
Since January, my heart has once again broken. I know the pain of losing a father, a husband and I reach out to you Our hope in dark times is no longer with us. I hope you find some comfort from these letters.
He will be missed and loved everyday.

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