15 years old

1980..I was a 15 year old awkward teenager, desperate for an identity, desperate to belong, and then I heard it...Ashes to Ashes..I was mesmerised, hooked on the sound and vision of this beautiful song. And so my love and passion for David Bowie began..Short of funds, Christmas and birthday presents were back catalogue 'Bowie' albums, slowly my collection grew, discovering Ziggy, Aladin Sane and the Thin White Duke. I discovered a wonderful shop in Victoria, London called Cornucopia, a treasure trove of second hand clothes from every decade imaginable, my limited funds spent purchasing wonderful shirts, dresses, hats gloves from the 1920's, 30's 40's etc to create my outfits to emulate the New Romantic Blitz scene I was so desperate to be part of. To copy the glorious imagery on the Ashes to Ashes video...to belong, but to stand out, to be an individual .David Bowie gave me that confidence to be that person. By 1983, dressed in a flamboyant costume with shocking pink hair, I made my way to Milton Keynes..a blistering hot day, The serious Moonlight tour , the first of 4 fantastic times I was lucky enough to see him play live...I was in awe. That love affair has remained, his music has got me through the trials and traumas of growing up, through the laughter and tears, through childbirth and night feeds, through work days and play days. David Bowie has been and will always be ever present along side me...............????????????????

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