How do you tell Just one Story...

How do you tell just one story about someone who has been woven into your life’s fabric for the last 43 years? You can’t. My story is a collage of many stories sewn together with one strand of thread called David Bowie.

I first heard Bowie in 1972. I was an 18 year-old mother and a wife of an abusive husband who hadn’t came home that night. Alone, feeling frightened, angry and hurt, I put on Ziggy Stardust. A friend had brought it over for me to give a listen to. When I heard Rock-n-Roll Suicide, my savior had come. I wasn’t alone; I had Bowie to help me with the pain. I finally left this marriage when Aladdin Sane was released, feeling like Alassin Sane, the music pulled through.

When the love of my life was killed in a car accident on Christmas morning, and very shortly after when I realized I was pregnant with his child, Station to Station appeared in my life. The music and lyrics of Word on a Wing caressed my being with faith and hope, and the strength to go forward.

Around this time Bowie started to visit me in my dreams. Being an active dreamer since I was a small child, I kept dream journals and dutifully logged my nightly occurrences. Over the years, it was ridiculous how much I dreamt of him. I always said that if I was ever gifted with the opportunity to meet him, I would feel as though I already knew him.

However, my dad did receive this gift - he met David Bowie while he was working in Los Angeles as a security guard for the movie industry. Bowie was on the set of the film Into the Night. One degree of separation happened that night for me.

Bowie with all his creative gifts never left my side. After my forth-failed marriage, I chose to follow my soul and walked the Camino (Santiago de Compostella) in 2002. I brought Heathen on this long journey as I moved forward, once again, out of pain and into grace.

Unbeknownst to me David was leaving this earthy plane as I stood in front of my Bowie poster filming my television script pitch for the Austin Texas Television Festival – I told the tale of how my main characters, Jim and Chris, had met backstage at a David Bowie concert. Chris caught Jim’s eye as she was cleansing Ziggy Stardust’s aura. One of the lines in my script was Chris telling Jim - "I can't imagine life without Bowie." I wrote that dialogue a year prior to 1/10/16.

Two nights after David passing, I awoke from a dream - I was standing in my dining room and three women stood behind me. A door opened and David Bowie walked up to me. I was so happy to see him. I touched his arm and said, “Good luck.” He walked away and got into a big black limousine that drove away.

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