move the stars for no one

It's impossible to understand how anyone can love someone they've never met. How Someone who never even knew YOU existed, can influence your life as if they'd been there through its entirety.

It's impossible to understand, and yet it happens so often. It wasn't until Bowie passed that I had realized so many of us, so many dreamers had fallen in love with this wonderful stranger. This man, this bizarre and BEAUTIFUL being. Even now, as a grown adult sitting in this coffee shop, in tears as I fumble to find the words to explain WHY? What was it about this man that captivated my young heart and kept me infatuated with him through adulthood?

I have loved David Bowie since I was a small child. I remember watching The Labyrinth so many times the VHS broke. Even then my eyes watered when his magic voice sang 'As the World Falls Down'. I remember discovering his magic again in the ONLY Bowie CD my mother owned. It was then I realized my beloved Jareth, and the man with the 'screwed up eyes' were one and the same. Then forcing the family to listen to it over, and over, I couldn't get tired of him.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who believes his music would be the soundtrack to my life if it had one. His songs mean more to me than most people ever will. I've found comfort in them, happiness in them, messages in them that probably weren't even there. They've always helped in some way, and that means the world to me.

David Bowie has done more in his short life, than most people can ever hope to achieve. He's been an inspiration to fashion, music, cinema, and artists from all walks of life. He achieved greatness by staying true to himself and his art.

I wanted to celebrate this man and all he has unknowingly done for me, by doing what I love, and painting a piece dedicated to his memory. I painted this with my best friend, a fellow Labyrinth lover. I hope we did fellow Bowie lovers proud.

My heart has always ached when I listen to you, Bowie, but always in the best way. It aches now, more than ever. Thank you for all that you are.

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