It started with drive in saturday and i hope it never ends.

Of course, being born in the UK in 1964, I'd heard Space Oddity and the Laughing Gnome and loved them. But it was Aladdin Sane that hooked me for life. I'd found my uncle's LP copy, wedged in between my grandparents copies of Val Doonigan and Perry Como, and listening to it, laid stretched on the floor in my grandparents front room (normally reserved for guests, christmas and the hi-fi) the sounds filling my head turned my world upside down. To this day it is my most favourite album of all time. Growing up in deepest, darkest Somerset, David Bowie was my lifeline. His voice and music have been a constant companion to me and he never let me down. My life is richer than i could ever have imagined because of David Bowie. I only wish I could have said thank you. But I can say thank you to Iman, Duncan and Lexie. For making him happy. Just thar thought makes me happy. THANK YOU.

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