Starcrossed from the beginning

First and foremost, my love and prayers are with you, Iman, Alexandria and Duncan. When I was 2 years old, my family and I were taking a day trip to NYC. We stumbled upon a film set. My Grandpop was holding me and walked on set to go be nosey. While we were hanging around, an 'old' man walked by and brushed my shoulder (according to my mom). They found out that the movie that was being filmed was The Hunger and the 'old' man who walked by me was David Bowie. My mom, being a huge Bowie fan, nearly lost it when she found out who it was later. I truly believe that that moment was meant to happen. I have never been connected to a music artist like Bowie. I come from a very small town in Louisiana but my personality and artistic heart was bigger than that town. And of course, never understood or appreciated. I was different and of course being a redhead enhanced my uniqueness. My mom was always listening to the greats; but she made sure I knew Bowie. I am 35 now, and everything about David Bowie has felt like a parallel universe to my life. He has been a constant inspiration to me through his art, music, movies and his philosophy on life. I had found courage through that inspiration to pursue my theatre dream and the unexpected dream of being a makeup artist. David Bowie is present in our home with my 2 sons. My goal is to continue to teach and share what he gave to the world. Here are some pictures of my birthday party which was all about Bowie, the day we went to the Arcade Fire David Bowie Second Line, and another reason to dress as Jareth. I love you David Jones. Thank you for sharing Bowie with us. You helped this ginger find her voice. The world and universe were enlightened more than it could ever be when you were here on this earth.

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