David Bowie saved my life

It might have been said over and over again,but he really did change my life. Without him i wouldn't be the person I am today . when he passed my world crashed hard. I gathered some friends together ,i made a Bowie cake ,we talked about where we were and how we found out of his passing, we celebrated his life.What do you do when your musical soulmate dies? How do you go on? What will happen to the future of the music you like? No one ever really understands me but everything that came through his music ,his art,spoke to me on a different level, a different plain . he was so true to himself ,did mind what people thought of him. He stood up for what he believed in. He stood up for the odd,the gay, the weirdo covered glittered freaks of the world ,and told them, look at me look at this its ok to be whoever you are ,just shine. He was always a part of my life from a small child , I had my first glimpse of him in the Labyrinth, and from then on I was hooked. I saw this beautiful man ,a cosmic creature , with a voice of an angel , strutting around with his head held high sing dance magic dance . from then my drive to find out more about this man , had bloomed . I found myself in a dark place later in my late teens early 20s, I reached for the only person that I felt I connected with Ziggy Stardust. his essence oozed a magic I can only describe as limitless . he knew who he was ,a cross dressing alien from a different galaxy. If I wouldn't have clug so helplessly to most of his words I wouldn't be here typing this. Sexuality was something that always struggled with, not knowing that it was ok to fall for people just because you found great things llin them,not just because they were a man and you were a women and that's how its suppose to be. I even now look to the persona in times of self doubt and worry. I wish I would of been able to see him,meet him tell him what he meant to me. Its hard now to listen to certain songs ,talk about his death and even how much he means to me. But I always go back to rock n roll suicide ,when he so passionately belts out " oh no love you're not alone!" That phrase speaks volumes to me . its the only way I've bee able to cope with the loss of this great icon, hero, and starman. We miss you David rest easy my sweet sweet Ziggy.

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