My hero

Dear David. As I write this I feel a mixture of emotions. Real grief as I did for my grandparents who I was extremely close to, love, adoration, pride, but I need to let you know my gratitude. My parents who are Bowie super fans had me 41 years ago. The first music I heard was yours and it soon became my favourite. I learnt your songs before nursery rhymes! (Cool, young parents). It's given me so many happy memories and inspiration... Schooldays trying to disuade my friends listening to trashy boy bands, family parties, comfort when I left home as it reminded me of being with Mum and Dad, listening to you through the labour of my daughters.... To this day I still have the starstruck feeling I felt at being at your concerts. Serious Moonlight tour, Sound and Vision then lastly Reality. I wish I'd have seen you more and tried to let you know what you mean to me, my parents, family and friends. There never was and never will be another like you! The day you died my 10 year old and I cried together as my daughters love you too. They'll be the next generation of super fans! As much as I'm heartbroken when I hear your voice, read about you and recently visiting the "Bowie is" in Groningen, I feel so blessed to have your amazing talent in my life. You make the world a better place. You're beautiful inside and out, I'll truly miss you. I'll pretend you're not really gone as I can hear you all the time... God bless and watch over you David. Thanks for everything, love you always Andrea X????X
Love, and prayers to Iman, Lexi and Duncan. Often in my thoughts... xxx

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