For all the tImes

Passing hours in maths
Bonding with neighbours
Trying to impress my boyfriend's father
Finding a mutual love
Rainy days
Nicknames from favourite lyrics
Buying Bowie memorabilia from Brighton
Buying Bowie memorabilia from Camden Town
For inspiration
Bonding with art teacher: 'cheekbones...'
My alarm tunes
Endless art inspired by him
Topics in bed
First experiences
With family watching TV
Rooting for memorabilia in charity shops
Naming my hamster after him (Ziggy Sawdust)
Tattoo inspiration
Making GCSE work tolerable
Making A Level work tolerable
Car journeys
Favourite track on our mixtape
Bus journeys
Being able to conquer the bass lines
Describing the colour of my room, where I will live
Female bass player
Constellations and stars
Thinking of my aunt as a teenager at his show
Fashion shows
Making his Christmas card

I wrote a list on the day Bowie died of all the times he had impacted my life. I've been a fan since I was young, and I appreciate how much consistently great music he made.

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