Thank you david

I do not have a tale to tell of concerts & live performances, I was never that privileged. Too busy raising my family! I always hoped David would tour one more time, that i'd finally get to see him do "his Bowie thing" What I do have is a lifetime full of wonderful music that has always been there for me & will be with me until I am no more. I love your work David, be it singing, acting, song writing.... It's always been the back drop to my life & you have brought so much love & joy into my life & also my 7 year old Daughter who loves your music dearly too. I found you aged 4, you were singing Starman on TOTP & never looked back. I've just turned 48 & all I really want to do is thank you. For everything, for being the wonderful, talented, cheeky, daring man you've always been. For showing me that it's ok to be a bit different & to do things for myself, not just for other people. Thank you for being you, I couldn't have asked for anything more. All my love to you Iman, Duncan & Lexi. You are the most blessed of all, you are his family, his loved ones & I thank you for sharing him with the world. All my love Donna xxx

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