My story starts as a young girl of 13 in 1974. I was always a loner due to the fact I didn't like the things other kids liked, I was always into the advant garde, the outside the box kind of girl.
I heard the song Space Oddity, and it struck a chord in my mind that I must get this album to hear more of this David Bowie guy had to offer. I was not disappointed. Here was an artist, like me, who presented himself as a one of a kind, not a middle of the road kind of artist. I could relate so well, he inspired me to write and not be afraid or intimidated. I went on to own every thing he laid to vinyl, and wore out my record player listening to that baritone to falsetto voice, catapult me thru some rough teen years, and a place to escape the real world, at the end of the day, during my adult years. I had written a letter to the fan club in '77, and got a letter back asking me if I would be interested in doing PR work for Bowie, but at 16 and still in school, I had to miss the golden opportunity. My love and absolute admiration will live on forever. You Mr. Jones are the prettiest star. You may be gone, but the music lives on.
Kathleen Wedgworth-Reed

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