"We have really cool people in our company and we wanted their story - how they came to join us - to shine through in the book to document how we all came together in the High Brew Coffee early years. The final book is beautiful and gives a strong identity for us, as well as being an invaluable piece of history for each person in it. It is uncommon for a young company to manage such a feat, but Weeva's platform made the gathering, editing, and printing possible and allowed us to give an original, meaningful keepsake to everyone in our company."
~ Beka Nicholas
“We wanted a site that we could customize. We invited 10,000 people to join in, so we wanted it to be in our own words with our own visuals, so that when people got to the site they would know it was us. Weeva made it so easy to collect the stories, and then turned them into a fantastic book that showed our founder his legacy. The Weeva team was incredibly responsive. They made us feel like we were their top customer.”
~ Jackie Lafuente
“It was my pleasure to serve as the collector of these tales and also to work with the kind and helpful folks at Weeva to make the collection, design and production the success it most certainly is. Now with the book in hand, I could not be prouder of what this diverse group of contributors has produced. The book is gorgeous, substantial and beautifully designed, a true keepsake of the wonderful times we had at Tivoli. It is a fitting receptacle of our history, told in the stories we'll continue to tell.”
~ Steve Basile
“Attention to culture is an integral part of how we manage Sparefoot. We spend a lot of thought and money working to get it right. Our Weeva project gave us a way to capture the highlights of our year at a difficult point in our company’s development. The stories and pictures in the book helped create cohesion and a sense of belonging and meaning. We even gave them to former employees, which reinforced the bond we still have with them.”
~ Cathy Guthrie
"It's a good way to encourage collaboration. You really get authentic prose around the topic that you're looking for. In today's emoji world, it's nice to have someone actually write something out. The surprise for me was the ease with which we were able to accomplish what we were shooting for."
~ Rudy Garza
“We hired Weeva to manage the project for us, and that made it really easy. Some of our contributors were a bit reluctant at first to write down their thoughts, mostly because they weren’t confident in their writing skills. The fact that Weeva polishes every story got them past that objection, and everyone was thrilled with the final result.”
~ Jeana Townsend
"I had the great joy of participating in the Boundless project featured in this book. I was with Boundless from the start, and as VP of Strategic Sales had the honor of helping them grow to $50MM in sales. It was a wonderful ride, full of fond memories, and it was a blast to join the project and collect stories from current employees and alumni. The Weeva process and platform made collection so easy! Best of all, Weeva turned the stories into a gorgeous coffee table book.

Our lives are defined by the stories we tell. So many of those stories occur within the context of our work and careers, and are based on interactions with our co-workers. Having this book on my desk is a precious anchor of those times and I pick it up and think of my friends often. If it weren't for Weeva, we’d just have fading Facebook images and untapped photos on our phones. Instead, I will always have this beautiful book to cherish."
~ Cindy Goldsberry

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